Past Events

Photograph of a microphone infront of a conference room. The microphone is close to the camera, with the background heavily blurred. Overall a warm and inviting atmosphere.
PSM-AP members present at RIPE 2024

For the RIPE conference on Public Service Media for Innovation and Sustainability, members from our PSM-AP team presented four papers on May 17th. During the conference, which took place in Lisbon from May 16 – 18, 2024, PSM-AP team members Michał Głowacki, Filip Świtkowski, Antonio Nucci, Hanne Bruun, and Julie Mejse Münter Lassen presented recent […]

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Media Industries Conference – London 2024

The PSM-AP team was pleased to host a panel presentation at the Media Industries Conference which took place at Kings College London between April 16th – 19th, 2024. Chaired by our project leader, Catherine Johnson, our panel presented initial findings into the ways in which platformisation is transforming the values underpinning PSM organisations, regulation/policy and […]

VRT tower and offices
Knowledge Exchange Workshop 2024 in Brussels

Last week, on January 26th, 2024, we successfully organised our first Knowledge Exchange Workshop, kindly hosted by the VRT in Brussels. We would like to thank all of our speakers and participants for their valuable contributions and their openness to discussing VoD strategies, research, personalisation practices, and the development of public service algorithms. We’ve learned […]

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IAMCR conference presentation on WP1

Our postdoctoral researcher Catalina-Mihaela Iordache presented preliminary results from the comparative analysis conducted in WP1 at the IAMCR Lyon23 conference. The presentation, titled ‘Public Service Media online: A comparative policy perspective on the shift to digital portals in six countries’, was part of the Public Service Media Working Group. The paper takes a policy perspective [……

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Conference on Methods in Cultural Production and Media Industries Research

This conference explored many of the contemporary challenges to understanding the nature of media and cultural production, focusing on the research process rather than research findings. It looked at how sectoral shifts in the media and cultural industries has introduced new actors – such as platform industries – and new practices – such as new […]

CHANCE Kick-off Conference

We are excited to present our project in the CHANCE kick-off conference, ‘Transformations – Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age’ taking place in Tallinn, Estonia! We will present an overview of our project on June 2nd, 2023 during the session ‘Public Services in the Digital Age’.