Aarhus workshop

This June, half of the PSM-AP team enjoyed the Danish sun in Aarhus ☀️🇩🇰

At the invitation of Hanne Bruun and Julie Mejse Münter Lassen, we took part in a workshop entitled Television Publishing Strategies in an On-Demand Driven Media Culture: Content production, audience considerations and scheduling practices. We presented some of our work, including preliminary results from WP1 on Policy & Regulation, the project’s conceptual and methodological considerations, and the challenges we are facing in conducting online comparative research.

We’re excited to share more of our work soon, but also to spend more time together at future events. If you want to see what we have coming up, watch our future events space.

Half of the PSM-AP team at Aarhus University. From left: Catherine Johnson, Hanne Bruun, Julie Mejse Münter Lassen, Serra Tinic, Tim Raats, Catalina-Mihaela Iodarche, Filip Świtkowski, and Daniel Martin.