Hanne Brunn

Principal Investigator and WP3 Lead, Aarhus University, Denmark

Hanne Bruun, M.A. & Ph.D., professor in media studies, Aarhus University, Denmark. Her research interests are television aesthetics and media genre development, media industries and production studies and audience studies. These interests are combined with an interest in developing research methods, especially in media production studies. Hanne Bruun is the founder and head of Centre for Media Industries and Production Studies (2017+). Currently she is head of the research project: Re-scheduling Public Service Television in the Digital Era (2021-24), supported by the Independent Research Fund Denmark, and PI in the project ScreenMe-Net (2021-23), supported by the EU Horizon 2020-progamme. Hanne Bruun is the author of seven books, including Re-Scheduling Television in the Digital Era (2020) and Medieproduktionsanalyse (2022) [media production studies] co-written with Eva Novrup Redvall. She is the co-editor of five books, including special issue of Nordic Journal of Media Studies on Disrupting Media Infrastrctures (2019) and Underholdende TV (2010) [entertaining television], co-edited with Kirsten Frandsen. She has contributed to several books, e.g., Advancing Media Production Studies (2016) eds. Paterson, C. et al., and From Networks to Netflix: A Guide to Changing Channels (2018) eds. Johnson, D. She has published extensively in international journals, e.g., Nordicom Review 43(1) 2022, Media, Culture and Society 43(4) 2021, Critical Studies in Television 17(1) 2022, and Nordic Journal of Media Studies 1(1) 2019. Currently, she is a member of the Danish Council for Radio and Television (2020-2024), which is the regulatory body for broadcast media in Denmark.