PSM-AP Returns to Aarhus

An excellent second edition of the workshop on “Television Strategies in an On-Demand Driven Media Culture: Content production, audience considerations and publishing practices” took place this week at Aarhus University. The event was organised by Hanne Bruun and Julie Mejse Münter Lassen, under the umbrella of the research project Re-scheduling Public Service in the Digital Era.

The event brought together media scholars and practitioners from DR and TV 2 in a knowledge exchange workshop focused on how on-demand driven media culture is currently changing the television industry. On the occasion, members of the PSM-AP team presented ongoing research across different work packages:

  • Balancing the scales between public service algorithms and editorial curation. The cases of Belgium and the UK was presented by Catalina Iordache and Catherine Johnson.
  • This is not HBO – this is Television. PSM VoDs and personalisation practices by Hanne Bruun.
  • “Television is about change”: A production study of DR’s digital transition by Julie Mejse Münter Lassen
  • Measuring discoverability and prominence of European and domestic works: presenting a methodological toolbox by Tim Raats.